Sunday, August 18, 2013

Smoky Mountain Research Update

Finally made it out to my research area this week. I've been wanting to see if anything had tampered with the gifting basket, teepee structure and rock arrangement. 
I was excited to find several things had occurred since my last visit. The first thing I noticed as I approached the area further convinces me that the Bigfoot are crossing through  here. Freshly trampled plant life and broken twigs show that something has been crossing the creek here.

The rock arrangement had definitely been tampered with. Every single one of the rocks has been moved in some way or another. There seems to be a pattern forming related to "threes". Several times I've found my arrangements "redone" where only three items are left or grouped together. Even at my home I've had this happen with the rocks I leave out close to my back door. 

This is how I left the rocks two weeks ago...

This is how I found the rocks this week. Notice the "three" pattern on the boulder and the other two rocks laying on the ground at the top of the picture...

Earlier this summer I found my seashell arrangement where one of the shells was knocked off the large rock and three left on top. 

One shell knocked off and three left on the large rock...

Are the Bigfoot telling me there are three of them visiting the gifting area or something else?

Also, something very interesting happened to the seashell arrangement this time. It's been a couple months since they knocked the fourth shell off the rock and I last rearranged them. Since that time the moss on the large rock has grown some around the shells and has started to "swallow" them up. This week  I noticed someone has picked one up the one furthest to the right and set it back down in the exact same place except the shell is turned in a different position! The shells have to be "pulled" out of the surrounding moss as it has grown to it and holds them in place. Someone was trying to be sneaky and examine one without me realizing it. 

Last trip...


This trip... Notice the shell furthest to the right.

The white gift basket I had hung from a limb was completely gone. I had left the basket with several items in it hanging from the limb by a rope about 7 feet off the ground.

How I left the basket two weeks ago...

This week...

There was one wrapper from a honey bun and the glow bracelet laying directly underneath where the basket had been, but no basket...anywhere. The wrapper didn't appear torn, but looked opened like a normal person had opened it by pulling it apart. Something with hands would have had to do this. How would an animal get the basket down that was tightly fastened to the rope? And if by chance somehow they were able to get it down, why would any animal take the basket with them? Doesn't it seem logical that once the basket was somehow brought to the ground the items would spill out? Wouldn't the animals just eat or take the spilt items and pay no attention to a white metal wire basket? Quite a few coincidences I'd say. 
I think I may keep my eye open for an empty basket to show back up for a refill. Lets hope so!
This has happened before at my home involving disappearing bird feeders that showed back up 4 months later. I'll write a out that experience later!

The stick structure overall didn't look disturbed although a couple of the limbs looked a little out of place.

Two weeks ago...

This week...

Strange things are happening in this location and it seems there is some type of communication going on here. I'll keep you posted...


  1. Awesome posting. Just a thought, what if you only left one rock, indicating one of you, and a few more rocks close by to see if they add more to it, indicating their number. That would definitely show the rocks didn't just fall off. They were intelligently added in order to communicate with you. I already believe they are showing you something, but maybe this will help you know for sure if they are showing their number to you. Keep up the great thoughtful work you are doing!

  2. Very interesting on all accounts, a different or new leaf in the middle of moss - shells (wind could have blown) but it looks go be under edge of rock. How was basket removed...string untied, broken - snapped. Nice work!

    1. I actually went camping here this weekend and did some follow-up work at the gifting tree. The string appeared to have been snapped. Several major adjustments were made to the gifting area since my last visit. I'll put it this way, they really liked one of the gifts I left! I did document with video and will be posting soon...

  3. I can understand the apples being eaten, I wonder what they would do
    with oranges or bananas. Would they peel them or eat them whole? The
    fact that the honey bun wrapper was found shows a level of intelligence
    beyond basic animal instinct. Good job and thanks.

    1. Thank you! I did try a banana one time, but it went bad so quick from being out in the heat. Needless to say they didn't touch it. The basket did contain peaches and they took those along with the apples and sweets.