Saturday, August 10, 2013

More Possible Activity At Home...

I know I've been posting a lot about the activity around our home and not much on the national park location, but things have really been active at the house lately. I plan on getting out to the park area tomorrow (Sunday Aug 11th) and hope to report on the findings asap.

Last night I tried another experiment. Before it got dark yesterday evening I borrowed the advice from a fellow researcher and made a "box" out of large river stones that I had laying around the house and left an unopened package of pop tarts inside. My goal was to make a "critter proof" enclosure to keep small animals such as raccoons and possums out.
I placed an "X" beside it to mark it as a gift. The fellow researcher suggested doing so due to reading that an X is a Native American symbol for "gift". He also said he has had good results in his area by using the X symbol. It is very interesting that two days in a row I have used the X symbol and have had results both days including finding a fresh footprint yesterday. I'm also not saying we don't have raccoons that can move 20lb rocks, but I had some interesting findings this morning....

Structure as I left it yesterday evening.

Rock pulled back to show Pop Tarts inside.

How I found it this morning, Pop Tarts gone.

Did a Bigfoot take the gift or did a Raccoon beat him to it? Either way very interesting and I thought it was worth posting.


  1. Very interesting! Love the new ideas you are coming up with too. I think you have some intelligent BFs in your neighborhood!

  2. me at; I have a suggestion for prints or tracks at gift sites. Very interesting research. I am still studying on how I want to approach here in Louisiana. I went out to lease yesterday... working on deer feeders, did some riding and looking. Would like to talk about specific places to look for sign and such. Thanks - Joey