Friday, October 16, 2015

Home Run Wood Knock!

This was a classic "Home Run" wood knock captured just a few weeks ago in the Cherokee National Forest here in Tennessee. The term "home run" is a slang-term used within the Bigfoot research community to describe any wood knock that sounds like a Major League Baseball player knocking one out of the park! It is not common to hear one and it is not known for sure why the Bigfoot do this, but when they do and your there to witness one, it can be very exciting! I'm still not quite sure what else in the middle of nowhere with no one around for miles at 2:30 am can make this sound. This one was approximately 75 yards away and it had been an extremely "active" trip. There were four of us and amazingly only two of us heard it. That's why rule number one is to always have the recorder going!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sasquatch Gift Accepting

The following is a recording I obtained within the Smoky Mountain National Park this past spring of 2015. I strongly believe it to be a young juvenile sasquatch cautiously approaching and accepting a gift that I had left behind one night. The footsteps are bipedal and quite fast. This area is heavily wooded and this particular night was very dark and overcast. Whatever it was could obviously see extremely well to run this fast through the woods at night. 

This is a location that I pass by on the way to my primary research spot within the national park. After finding several possible stick structures in the surrounding woods, I felt this might be a good location to start leaving gifts and a recorder on the way in. On this particular night, I stopped and left a honey bun (still in wrapper), two peanut butter cups (one in wrapper and one opened that I had taken a bite out of) and a small stuffed animal on top of a large boulder. I then placed my recorder behind a tree approximately 15 feet away. About an hour later I came back and found the stuffed animal laying on the ground about 8 feet away and only the wrapped peanut butter cup taken. Just my opinion, but an animal would have most likely taken the unwrapped candy along with the other food items. 

What's so intriguing about this audio clip to me is the insight it shows of what extreme cautions they take with something as simple as approaching a gift left by someone that's been leaving them gifts for over 5 years. Several times throughout the recording it sounds like something (possibly a rock or stick) being tossed into the area to maybe test for a trap. Then you hear several passes made at high speed before the final real approach is made. Even after this it only stands there for a few seconds before making a getaway. Many people have reported hearing items tossed into their camps while in their tents before hearing footsteps. Perhaps to see if we're asleep. This is not only showing  high levels of intelligence, but problem solving skills and logical thinking. Amazing to me.

This was the next day. I had put the stuffed animal back on the boulder before I took this picture. Everything else is just as I found it the night before with the wrapped peanut butter cup missing...

Friday, August 28, 2015

National Park Stick Structures

In reference to a past blog post "Smoky Mountain Research Update 7/29/13"

Back during the summer of 2013 I was making visits to one of my established gifting areas on a regular bases. The activity was quite regular and intriguing to say the least. Stuffed animals were being taken, complete gift baskets with fruit/snacks were being taken (basket and all) and I was actually finding gifts left for me in return. Mushrooms picked and left on the fallen tree where I left food items along with sticks balanced perfectly across that same tree were truly fascinating. Rocks were being rearranged, peanut butter jar lids were being unscrewed and one was actually left on a log like someone had been sitting there eating lunch!

Around that same time I found a star shaped structure created from broken limbs approximately 30 yards up the creek from my gifting location. I always felt there was something special about that area and never did I disturb the star structure in any way. It always felt "sacred" if that makes any sense. 

I did however create my own "teepee" style structure about 20 feet away from the fallen gifting tree. 

For the next few weeks I monitored the my structure, but never noticed any changes or anything that may have seemed like a response. It wasn't long after that I was unable to get back out to this area for quite a while due to several personal happenings in my life. 
I did get out to this area occasionally over the next year and a half, but mostly night time visits where I would not go into the woods.

On March 29th of 2015 I made a trip back to this gifting area. It had been almost a year and a half since I had been here. What I found that day has baffled me for months now.
About 10 feet away next to the fallen gifting tree was a new star structure against a tree. It was the same tree that I had hung a flower necklace in back when I was visiting this area. 

Also, the small teepee structure I had made was still there and in perfect practically untouched condition. Not the first leaf or tree debris was on top of the structure. It looked like I had made it yesterday.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't see how a year and a half worth of leaves falling, storms, and heavy snows had not disturb the structure one time. It was almost like someone had been taking care of it the whole time. Take it for what you want, but it still blows my mind today.

Before and after...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sneaky Smokey Mountain Coyote

Todays thermal cameras just blow my mind completely. After what seemed like forever in saving my pennies, I was FINALLY able to afford one. It has enabled me to see into a whole different world. While doing some night time investigating in the Cades Cove area of the Smoky Mountains, I was fortunate enough to have this fellow try and sneak past me! Keep in mind this was a moonless and cloudy night in a remote area of the national park. We were in almost total darkness. You can see him coming down the road and leaping over a fence then disappearing into the woods. He then comes back out into the open and heads down the tree line behind my vehicle. You never know who's going to show up out in these woods!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Off to the woods we go… with thermal technology!

As many times that I've sworn I wasn't camping anymore this summer due to the brutal heat and humidity, I am venturing out yet once more this weekend! Back to a place where a little over two years ago, a large "visitor" came to the edge of my campsite. I had just climbed into my tent for the night when large and bright eyeglow appeared behind my tent within arms reach of where I had just walked. 
You can read about this in one of my previous blog post "Possible Bigfoot Eyeglow Behind Tent - Visitor Discovered". 

The visitor...

At the time I had no clue that this fellow was even there. On top of that, I had just stopped at the edge of the campsite before entering my tent and stared out into the woods. I didn't hear anything and I didn't see anything, but I do remember feeling like something was watching me. 

Just moments before, I had set up a Gen 1 night vision monocular connected to a video camera inside my vehicle about 40 yards away. I had it mounted on a tripod and pointed through the halfway rolled down  window towards the campsite. As some of you may know, night vision technology requires an outside light source such as moonlight or infrared to work at its best potential. It takes the smallest amount of lighting and amplifies it many times allowing you to see better in the dark.
It was very dark and cloudy this particular night and I had no outside light source. Therefore the night vision picked up the eyeglow very easily. However, most visual detail was of very low-quality. 

This is the night vision/video camera setup I used that night. 

This weekend I am returning to the same location with a new technology. I have recently purchased a high definition thermal imager/DVR system. Thermal imaging "sees" heat and not light. This is the same system that firefighters use for search and rescue. It allows them to see in total darkness such as a smoke-filled home and locate people. Anything with body heat will show up as extremely bright white and with great detail no matter how dark the lighting conditions are. 

The new thermal and DVR...

I plan on going through the same motions as that night when I had the visitor. Late night walks through the area, cooking supper and just relaxing around the campfire. I will set up the thermal system in my vehicle letting it quietly record all night anything going on behind the campsite. 

This is a very good site for interaction due to several trails that pass nearby. Over the years I have come to realize they use these trails to make their way to and from the area at night. Let's hope they notice I'm back and decide to pay me another visit! I'll post an update on this soon…

Monday, June 29, 2015

Long Time No See!

Well, hello there! It's been a long time since I last sat down to write about my journey with the big guys. It was about a year ago, if I'm not mistaken, that I had settled in my mind that I was letting this blog go to focus more on the research itself. Little did I know what lay ahead of me. Through this past year I have seen many adventures, gained many friends and been to many places. Some I can speak about and some I will not. My beliefs have been strengthened and the values I hold onto have grown deeper. There have been several lessons learned. All in all I feel the more wiser (wouldn't take much). I couldn't have asked for a better path to be led down. 

Over the past few months I have been debating on going back to my writing. It's something I've really missed and I've decided to get back to it. Not saying I'll be able to post updates every week, but hopefully on a fairly regular basis. 
There are quite a few stories I am able to share and I plan to do so right here. To let you know where I am in my research today, I have several areas I visit on a regular basis. Some by myself and some with a VERY select few others. Some are within the Smokies National Park and some are not. On almost any given weekend I am in the woods at least one day or night. The Bigfoot are still interacting, and in some locations... on a much more intense level. 
I look forward to beginning a new chapter to this ongoing journey. 

These are just a few places and findings I've experienced over the past year...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Getting Back To The Basics...

I’ve been debating over something for a very long time that would most certainly change a number of things related to my research of the Tennessee Bigfoot. Ever since I began my journey down this road of “lost innocence” I have allowed myself to be affected and influenced by so many in the same field of study. Many have had actual encounters and some have not. There are an abundance of opinions on the best way to go about gathering evidence and proof. There is so much division, strife and drama within the Bigfoot researching community. How did it become that way??

 In the beginning, I started out following the examples of few different researchers that I learned of from Youtube videos and online forums/blogs. It was all I had to go by at the time. I had no previous “Bigfoot researching experience”. All I had to go by was my first encounter that sparked an interest that has become a life changing journey. As time went by I quickly figured out which researchers were following the same path and style of research I was interested in and I still keep in contact on a regular basis with these researchers.

Something has changed in me over the past year or so. It’s been a constant gnawing in my stomach that I just kept putting on the back burner and I can’t ignore it any longer.

Many may not agree with my decision and believe me there is no shortage of opinions out there. I have decided to get back to the basics. I am including a blog write-up Scott Carpenter put out about a year or so ago.  The first time I read it I knew he had nailed something that I had been struggling with for quite a while. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve gone back and read it. This way isn’t for everyone. There are many styles and methods people use to “research” the Bigfoot. This just happens to be the one I feel truly called to follow.

 Overall I hope I’m making some type of sense to the readers of my blog. Thank you all for the great comments and support over the past year. I plan on continuing this blog, but it may be from a slightly different angle from here on out. Information will not come quickly, but I will post what I discover and as always I welcome comments and discussions on any post I put out.


Please read the following post by Scott Carpenter…


 The only way to truly study the Bigfoot is in its environment.  In order to do this TIME is required. Like Jane Goodall we need passionate and dedicated researchers willing to spend months or even years in the woods with the Bigfoot. Living there 24/7 building trust with a Bigfoot clan. This is the only way I see that we can ethically move forward. This is the logical next step. The problem is we are all amateurs and have no outside financial support for our research. Spending this kind of time will be impossible. This will slow down the research to a painfully slow crawl. Interaction will be built one weekend at a time instead of one day at a time.


I do find it interesting that Jane Goodall took a novel approach in her research.  Per a PBS special Goodall admitted that she had no “collegiate training directing her research”. She “observed things that strict scientific doctrines may have overlooked”. I find this extremely interesting and true of many Bigfoot researchers today. We are not trained in this field of research that is ignored and scoffed at by 99.9% of mainstream science. We do however, like Goodall, bring a common sense approach that is not shackled by “scientific doctrines”. When dealing with Bigfoot research you must think out of the box and be willing to be completely unconventional, that is the only way.


This focus on the study of Bigfoot is going to frustrate those still wanting “proof” or close up HD footage of the Bigfoot. The only way I see HD footage of a Bigfoot being taken (without killing one) is through what is commonly called “habitation”. The researcher is going to have to select a location that is in the Bigfoot’s home range and then spend as much time as possible in this area. The video cameras must be turned off, trail cameras taken down, hair traps removed, and the senseless wood knocking and screaming has to cease.


The “real” work now begins! The day to day field work of going into the home area and making yourself available. We must learn to be unconventional! We are attempting to make contact and have interaction with a race of people whose very survival depends on their ability to avoid us and remain hidden.  Trust must be built. We must study what little information we have about them from the Native Americans and those with long term habituation. We must be aware these are people and we are studying another culture not some wild animal. They do and will have customs that we must learn and respect if we are to interact and learn about them. We must realize the truth about them, not all of them are the “benevolent keepers of the forest”. Like any culture they have a criminal or rogue element and we must be aware of and prepared for this.


We must find a way to communicate with them. Scott Nelson is doing ground breaking work but we must do more than just transcribe what they uttering and translate it. We need a primmer and we need it fast! We may find that there are dialects and different languages spoken across the geographic regions of the country.  I am fortunate that my area of research is near the infamous “Carter Farm”. Thanks to Mary Green’s work with Janice Carter we have a dictionary via her book “Fifty Years with Bigfoot”. The DNA study has vindicated Mary and her work. The dictionary of Bigfoot words and phrases contained in her book will be a valuable tool.


I am already receiving some disgruntled comments from those who think I should cover the exterior of my house with video surveillance gear. First off I tried that, does not work. Second when I was recording constantly I found there is no way to watch that much footage! If I recorded at night that is 12 hours a day! Even on fast speed it takes at least 2 hours per day to watch and to be honest with multiple cameras I just do not have that kind of time! Plus I think this is counterproductive. My goal is no longer to “prove” Bigfoot exist but to study and interact. So if my house is bristling with dozens of electronic recording devices that does not send a friendly “come and visit” message. I hope one day to make contact sitting out back at night. That will not be done with video cameras running.

Those who follow Bigfoot research will need to be patient because the progress will be slow. Advancements will be made in inches not feet. Building a rapport with a local group of Bigfoot will take time, effort, and patience from us all.


The next phase of Bigfoot research is going to be exciting but I see many of the “fair weather” Bigfoot fans and researchers moving on to the next “big thing”.  That usually happens when the “real work” begins.