Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saying Goodbye

Well, it's been quite awhile since I've posted any new updates and just want everyone to know I'm still alive and well. The research has been interesting over the summer. I've actually had access to thermal cameras and it has opened up a whole new world of Bigfoot research. I haven't been able to get out as much as previous summers due to several personal projects I have going on and the fact that it's just been too dang hot! Activity seems to slow down around here until the cooler months such as spring and fall come around. 
Now for the bad news...
I have decided to close this blog due to several personal reasons along with the fact that I am just unable to keep it updated on a regular basis. It's been a wonderful way to keep people I know updated with my ongoing research and I thank everyone for their great comments and insight over the past couple years. I want to spend more of my time focusing on the research and areas I routinely visit and study the Bigfoot I've been writing about. 
If any of you are ever interested in updates or have any questions or suggestions, always feel free to contact me at: 

I've thoroughly enjoyed this chapter of my life and research. I have been blessed and fortunate to have shared it with all of you. 
There may come a time when I start up another blog, but it will be way on down the line. Right now I am just unable to continue. Thanks again and I encourage all of you to get out in those woods. Just be careful and I strongly suggest not going alone...

PS: I will leave the blog up for a few days before shutting it down. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Unexplained Voice In Woods

Well, as usual things seem to get stranger and stranger the more time I spend in the woods. However, this time I wasn't in Tennessee. This past weekend while I was back in Mississippi for a visit with my family,  the opportunity came along to do a little researching in Holly Springs national forest. Of course I couldn't resist as I've always wondered about a possible bigfoot population in the state where I grew up. 

This particular area was deep within the national forest. Our plan was to walk down a long and secluded gravel forestry access road performing an occasional wood knock and barred owl calls. Our hopes were that if any local bigfoot were in the area they might repond or come in closer to investigate. 

I along with a close friend arrived at approximately 11:30pm and soon realized the best place to park my truck was in a clearing next to a very old cemetery alongside the access road. From the amount of sighting reports I have read involving cemeteries, I had hopes this would be a good thing. 

We spent some time walking the road as planned and after experiencing no definite responses we eventually made our way back to my truck. There we spent a little while longer before leaving performing owl calls next to the cemetery. 

Here I want I state first and foremost I have no interest in ghost hunting or in any way "stirring things up" within the spiritual world. I do believe in it and I am fully aware of its existence, but choose not to go down that path for several personal reasons. 

The following recordings are of something I can't explain or debunk. We were standing behind my truck next to the cemetery. I had just performed an owl call when a few seconds later this "voice" showed up on my recording. Neither I nor my friend heard this while we were standing there as we were totally quiet after the owl call. 

In these recordings I have filtered out some of the summertime insect background noise. The first recording is at original speed. The second is slowed down 50%. 

In my opinion it sounds like a male voice saying "Go away". 
Take a listen and judge for yourself...

Regular speed...

Half speed...

Just a word of advice to anyone interested in the bigfoot research world. Always assume your being watched or analyzed because you probably are. 
At all times be careful and respectful. It will get you a long way...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Camping Trip 2014

I had an interesting camp out in my research area this past weekend. This is an area I have visited 1-3 times a week over the past 4 years within the national park. It was exactly 4 years ago to the day that I heard my first bigfoot "whoop" and I was camping in the exact same campsite where it had happened. That was the night that started it all for me in bigfoot research. 
This past Sunday night it seems I was the target of several odd "bird calls" that followed me around while walking at 2am and constant snapping and popping of limbs behind my campsite for several hours that night. I made sure to go to bed early enough to allow them time to "sneak" around and hopefully inspect my campsite before daylight. While laying in the back of my SUV, I kept watch toward the direction I had heard all the noise earlier. After being in bed for about 20 minutes I saw an eye light up very slowly then immediately fade back out just as slowly. This was up in some trees and happened several times, each time in a different location. It wasn't long after that I fell asleep. The next morning while packing up I found a bottle top on the edge of the picnic table UNDER the table cloth. I know for an absolute fact that I saw this same bottle top (presumably left by a previous camper) on the GROUND next to the same table the day before. I think somebody was letting me know they had "been by". I had left two apples in the chairs by the campfire, but they remained untouched. 
I did leave a digital recorder running in the campsite so once reviewed I will post any findings. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Getting Back To The Basics...

I’ve been debating over something for a very long time that would most certainly change a number of things related to my research of the Tennessee Bigfoot. Ever since I began my journey down this road of “lost innocence” I have allowed myself to be affected and influenced by so many in the same field of study. Many have had actual encounters and some have not. There are an abundance of opinions on the best way to go about gathering evidence and proof. There is so much division, strife and drama within the Bigfoot researching community. How did it become that way??

 In the beginning, I started out following the examples of few different researchers that I learned of from Youtube videos and online forums/blogs. It was all I had to go by at the time. I had no previous “Bigfoot researching experience”. All I had to go by was my first encounter that sparked an interest that has become a life changing journey. As time went by I quickly figured out which researchers were following the same path and style of research I was interested in and I still keep in contact on a regular basis with these researchers.

Something has changed in me over the past year or so. It’s been a constant gnawing in my stomach that I just kept putting on the back burner and I can’t ignore it any longer.

Many may not agree with my decision and believe me there is no shortage of opinions out there. I have decided to get back to the basics. I am including a blog write-up Scott Carpenter put out about a year or so ago.  The first time I read it I knew he had nailed something that I had been struggling with for quite a while. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve gone back and read it. This way isn’t for everyone. There are many styles and methods people use to “research” the Bigfoot. This just happens to be the one I feel truly called to follow.

 Overall I hope I’m making some type of sense to the readers of my blog. Thank you all for the great comments and support over the past year. I plan on continuing this blog, but it may be from a slightly different angle from here on out. Information will not come quickly, but I will post what I discover and as always I welcome comments and discussions on any post I put out.


Please read the following post by Scott Carpenter…


 The only way to truly study the Bigfoot is in its environment.  In order to do this TIME is required. Like Jane Goodall we need passionate and dedicated researchers willing to spend months or even years in the woods with the Bigfoot. Living there 24/7 building trust with a Bigfoot clan. This is the only way I see that we can ethically move forward. This is the logical next step. The problem is we are all amateurs and have no outside financial support for our research. Spending this kind of time will be impossible. This will slow down the research to a painfully slow crawl. Interaction will be built one weekend at a time instead of one day at a time.


I do find it interesting that Jane Goodall took a novel approach in her research.  Per a PBS special Goodall admitted that she had no “collegiate training directing her research”. She “observed things that strict scientific doctrines may have overlooked”. I find this extremely interesting and true of many Bigfoot researchers today. We are not trained in this field of research that is ignored and scoffed at by 99.9% of mainstream science. We do however, like Goodall, bring a common sense approach that is not shackled by “scientific doctrines”. When dealing with Bigfoot research you must think out of the box and be willing to be completely unconventional, that is the only way.


This focus on the study of Bigfoot is going to frustrate those still wanting “proof” or close up HD footage of the Bigfoot. The only way I see HD footage of a Bigfoot being taken (without killing one) is through what is commonly called “habitation”. The researcher is going to have to select a location that is in the Bigfoot’s home range and then spend as much time as possible in this area. The video cameras must be turned off, trail cameras taken down, hair traps removed, and the senseless wood knocking and screaming has to cease.


The “real” work now begins! The day to day field work of going into the home area and making yourself available. We must learn to be unconventional! We are attempting to make contact and have interaction with a race of people whose very survival depends on their ability to avoid us and remain hidden.  Trust must be built. We must study what little information we have about them from the Native Americans and those with long term habituation. We must be aware these are people and we are studying another culture not some wild animal. They do and will have customs that we must learn and respect if we are to interact and learn about them. We must realize the truth about them, not all of them are the “benevolent keepers of the forest”. Like any culture they have a criminal or rogue element and we must be aware of and prepared for this.


We must find a way to communicate with them. Scott Nelson is doing ground breaking work but we must do more than just transcribe what they uttering and translate it. We need a primmer and we need it fast! We may find that there are dialects and different languages spoken across the geographic regions of the country.  I am fortunate that my area of research is near the infamous “Carter Farm”. Thanks to Mary Green’s work with Janice Carter we have a dictionary via her book “Fifty Years with Bigfoot”. The DNA study has vindicated Mary and her work. The dictionary of Bigfoot words and phrases contained in her book will be a valuable tool.


I am already receiving some disgruntled comments from those who think I should cover the exterior of my house with video surveillance gear. First off I tried that, does not work. Second when I was recording constantly I found there is no way to watch that much footage! If I recorded at night that is 12 hours a day! Even on fast speed it takes at least 2 hours per day to watch and to be honest with multiple cameras I just do not have that kind of time! Plus I think this is counterproductive. My goal is no longer to “prove” Bigfoot exist but to study and interact. So if my house is bristling with dozens of electronic recording devices that does not send a friendly “come and visit” message. I hope one day to make contact sitting out back at night. That will not be done with video cameras running.

Those who follow Bigfoot research will need to be patient because the progress will be slow. Advancements will be made in inches not feet. Building a rapport with a local group of Bigfoot will take time, effort, and patience from us all.


The next phase of Bigfoot research is going to be exciting but I see many of the “fair weather” Bigfoot fans and researchers moving on to the next “big thing”.  That usually happens when the “real work” begins.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Update - Researching The National Park

It's springtime in the national Park and nature is in full swing! The forest are starting to thicken up with greenery and places to hide are becoming more abundant. It's been a long winter and the majority of activity I have experienced has been questionable as to whether or not the hairy folks were even responsible. One theory is that they retreat to more secluded areas where they are less likely to be seen due to the lack of foliage. Another is that the majority of hunting seasons take place during the winter months therefore they hide out in more secluded areas untill things calm down. All I know is that every winter it seems to be this way.
I have made regular trips to the national park over the winter with the majority of those trips at night. For the most part all is quiet. However, over the past month I have been experiencing activity on a more regular basis there. Things seem to be getting back to normal. I have been able to capture several instances of eyeshine at this location over the past month. I have also been able to pick up a few vocals on my digital recorder using a new method that I will explain in a later blog post. I will give you a hint though... their curiosity can be quite useful to a researcher.

A little detail about this video just for clarity... The daytime comparison footage was filmed during the summer last year. I just wanted to give you an idea of what the area looked like and it's the only footage of that area that I have right now. The night vision footage was filmed just a few weeks ago when there was no foliage growing yet.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Update Coming I Promise!

I truly apologize for not keeping the blog updated over the past couple months. I've had a ton of personal projects and some family issues to take care of not to mention it's just been plain out quiet in the woods lately. It's been absolutely inactive around our home. Activity seems to taper off every year right after Christmas for some reason. I have been able to get some interesting audio and video over the past few weeks from the national park as the bigfoot are back in full swing in my research area. I have several hours of audio and video to review from night visits to this area. So far I've discovered several interesting vocalizations and eyeshine. I promise I'll get an update out hopefully by this weekend!

New corn feeder I put up behind the house this winter...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bigfoot Home Visitations - 2 Part Update Video

As the big fellows continue to visit our home things are becoming extremely interesting. Around this time last year they seemed to have moved on, but even as I am writing this "Mr. Bright Eyes" is right down the hill tonight. 

Since my last video I have found two footprints, gifts have been taken, rocks continue to be moved and an overnight recording produced some strange findings. Several audio clips are on this two part video. 

 Part 1

Part 2