Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Screams In The Night

In the spring of 2016 at my previous recording location, there was a period of approximately two months that the bigfoot were noticably more vocal than usual. Yells, screams, wood knocks, whoops, footsteps...
During that time, I obtained several quality recordings. Some of which were not very far from the recorder. There were two nights in particular that stood out the most... producing extremely loud and forceful yells that sent chills down my spine. I could only imagine what it would have felt like to be standing there in total darkness and hearing these sounds.

These first two are a set of recordings from the same night around 3am. It seemed to be a single individual making it's way through the forest, yelling as it moved further away into the distance. Along with the yells, there seem to be several whoops mixed in. I am not really sure if it is the same individual producing both the yells and whoops or if there were more than one passing through the area at the same time.

Click on links to take a listen...

First Yell

Second Yell

The third recording is from an entirely different night around 10:30pm. Earlier that evening heavy storms had passed through the area leaving much moisture still dripping from the trees and frogs croaking in the background. In this recording you will hear a single yell/scream and after a short pause, a response yell/scream from further away answering back. Mixed in are possible whoops and wood knocks also.

Scream and Reply

I would like to reinforce the fact of how remote and deep in the mountains this area is. Several conditions strongly indicate in my opinion that these vocals are not man made.

1. Time of night.

2. Location... a remote uninhabited area deep within the smoky mountains.

3. Extreme weather conditions earlier that evening. Very unlikely people would be out.

4. Vocal range of these calls is extremely hard for humans to create.

5. Why would people be in the middle of a deep remote forest at this time of night in bad weather conditions making these calls?

I suppose anything is possible, but take a listen and I'll let you decide for yourself!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Research Area - Audio Project Update

A few weeks ago I posted a video about a new spot I have established to leave gifts and monitor with my long duration recorder. This location is within the same general research area I've been working on for well over a year now. This will be the third time I have moved the recorder and gifting spot. At first I was concerned that moving my location every few months might cause a sense of distrust or heavy caution toward me from the family I am interacting with. However, so far this seems to NOT be the case. All three locations have been within a one mile radius of each other. The first two locations proved to be very effective in obtaining audio along with my gifts being taken, however in this third area things still remains to be seen.

Saturday (12/31/16) I visited the area and retrieved fourteen nights of audio that I am now reviewing. The honey bun I previously left was gone and the toy horse appeared to be untouched. Of course the food could have been taken by raccoons, opossums or even coyotes. I suspect most food that I do leave is taken by the common forest critter looking for a snack. Even though this may be true, I have to stick to consistency and routine. While most food may be taken by animals I highly suspect some of it is being taken by the bigfoot. By leaving food over and over I become predictable which is exactly my goal. The more predictable I become, the more trustworthy I become. Of course being predictable puts me at the "tactical" disadvantage, but so be it. This is their home, their forest...their world. I have learned things are done on their terms, not mine.

On this trip I left two cherry pies and a handful of trail mix. I also left an apple in a small tree nearby. I didn't touch the toy horse. We will see if it is eventually taken. I took a small bite out of one of the pies as a means to show they are safe to eat...not to mention I was hungry.
Fourteen 12 hour nights of audio were obtained that I am currently reviewing. On the second night of recording I picked up a pretty amazing coyote pack communicating with each other. Towards the middle of the recording you'll hear one particular coyote very close to the research area. I'm pretty sure I've seen this guy on one of my many night visits. Take a listen...



Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Foosteps In The Forest

While most of us lie contently asleep in our beds, in the dark there remains an extremely active world within our forest and national parks each night. The chilling screams of a barred owl as it proclaims its territory to others. The lonesome coyotes howl as he reveals his location to other members of the pack.  The haunting sound of a creaking tree as it sways in the mountain wind. These sounds and so many more like them go unheard by most human ears each night. 

Then there's the occasional curious bipedal (two legs) individual that walks right up to my recorder for a late night inspection. As much as I truly love the sounds of nature at night, instances like this are what I'm after. A virtual needle within hours and hours of an audio "haystack".  

This approach was obtained by my recorder earlier this year. At the time, it was in a different location than where it is  now...about a half mile away. I had great success at this location recording what I believe to be sasquatch yells, wood knocks and walking. 

Although it is very hard to say exactly what this is walking up without actually seeing it, I lean strongly toward it possibly being a sasquatch for several reasons. 

  1. Location...extremely remote/off trail  area of the national park. Strongly supports it not being human. 
  2. Time of day... this happened around 2am. Again, strongly supports not being human. 
  3. The heaviness of the steps. You can actually hear limbs/twigs snapping underfoot. 
  4. Sounds like two legs walking. 
  5. This is a very typical behavior of a sasquatch given their curiosity of something "different" in their territory. 

Take a listen...

Monday, December 12, 2016

Back to the Smoky Mountains we go...

The year of 2016 has been quite an experience and full of discoveries for me with my research.
It's been a little over a year since my last blog post and I have to say I've really missed sharing my research in this way. Where have I been? Well, let me just give you an update...

Most of my spare time is spent in the mountains putting out recorders in remote areas. At the same time, by leaving gifts/food, I am trying to establish a trust relationship with what I believe to be a family of sasquatch. I spend countless hours reviewing audio... listening for wood knocks, footsteps or whoops and howls...anything to alert me to the possible presence of a sasquatch.

I no longer walk through the woods with a video camera aimed every which way, however I do use my phone to make short informative videos or take pictures to document research. I have a recorder that is timed to come on only at night and records about 22 nights worth of audio. Once I download this audio it is reviewed with software that allows me to move through it quite quickly.

Like I said, it's been a very eventful year so there is much to catch up on. Unfortunately that can't be done in a single blog post, so keep an eye out for future post.
I'm looking forward to sharing many things I have discovered and as usual, I welcome your feedback.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Home Run Wood Knock!

This was a classic "Home Run" wood knock recorded in the Cherokee National Forest here in Tennessee. The term "home run" is a slang-term used within the Bigfoot research community to describe any wood knock that sounds like a Major League Baseball player knocking one out of the park! It is not common to hear one and it is not known for sure why the Bigfoot do this except maybe to get your attention.
I'm still not quite sure what else in the middle of nowhere without anyone around for miles at 2:30 am can make this sound. This one was approximately 75 yards away and it had been an extremely "active" trip. Rule number one is to always have the recorder going!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sasquatch Gift Accepting

The following is a recording I obtained within the Smoky Mountains in the spring of 2015. I strongly believe it to be a young juvenile sasquatch cautiously approaching and accepting a gift that I had left behind one night. The footsteps are bipedal and quite fast. This area is heavily wooded and this particular night was very dark and overcast. Whatever it was could obviously see extremely well to run this fast through the woods at night. 

This is a location that I pass by on the way to one of my research areas. After finding several possible stick structures in the surrounding woods, I felt this might be a good location to start leaving gifts and a recorder on the way in. On this particular night, I stopped and left a honey bun (still in wrapper), two peanut butter cups (one in wrapper and one opened that I had taken a bite out of) and a small stuffed animal on top of a large boulder. I then placed my recorder behind a tree approximately 15 feet away. About an hour later I came back and found the stuffed animal laying on the ground about 8 feet away and only the wrapped peanut butter cup taken. Just my opinion, but an animal would have most likely taken the unwrapped candy along with the other food items. 

What's so intriguing about this audio clip to me is the insight it shows of what extreme cautions they take with something as simple as approaching a gift left by someone that's been leaving them gifts for over 5 years. Several times throughout the recording it sounds like something (possibly a rock or stick) being tossed into the area to maybe test for a trap. Then you hear several passes made at high speed before the final real approach is made. Even after this it only stands there for a few seconds before making a getaway. Many people have reported hearing items tossed into their camps while in their tents before hearing footsteps. Perhaps to see if we're asleep. This is not only showing  high levels of intelligence, but problem solving skills and logical thinking. Amazing to me.

This was the next day. I had put the stuffed animal back on the boulder before I took this picture. Everything else is just as I found it the night before with the wrapped peanut butter cup missing...

Friday, August 28, 2015

Stick Structures

Back during the summer of 2013 I was making visits to one of my established gifting areas on a regular bases. The activity was quite consistent and intriguing to say the least. Stuffed animals were being taken, complete gift baskets with fruit/snacks were being taken (basket and all) and I was actually finding gifts left for me in return. Mushrooms picked and left on the fallen tree where I left food items along with sticks balanced perfectly across that same tree were truly fascinating. Rocks were being rearranged, peanut butter jar lids were being unscrewed and one was actually left on a log like someone had been sitting there eating lunch!

Around that same time I found a star shaped structure created from broken limbs approximately 30 yards up the creek from my gifting location. I always felt there was something special about that area and never did I disturb the star structure in any way. It always felt "sacred" if that makes any sense.

I did however create my own "teepee" style structure about 20 feet away from the fallen gifting tree.

For the next few weeks I monitored the my structure, but never noticed any changes or anything that may have seemed like a response. It wasn't long after that I was unable to get back out to this area for quite a while due to several personal happenings in my life. 
I did get out to this area occasionally over the next year and a half, but mostly night time visits where I would not go into the woods.

On March 29th of 2015 I made a trip back to this gifting area. It had been almost a year and a half since I had been here. What I found that day has baffled me for months now.
About 10 feet away next to the fallen gifting tree was a new star structure against a tree. It was the same tree that I had hung a flower necklace in back when I was visiting this area.

Also, the small teepee structure I had made was still there and in perfect practically untouched condition. Not the first leaf or tree debris was on top of the structure. It looked like I had made it yesterday.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't see how a year and a half worth of leaves falling, storms, and heavy snows had not disturb the structure one time. It was almost like someone had been taking care of it the whole time. Take it for what you want, but it still blows my mind today.

Before and after...