Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bigfoot Activity At Home-Footprint Found!

Had a couple of interesting things happen over the past 24 hours here at home. I put a few items out yesterday evening as usual and it seems we had a visitor overnight. My rock formation has not been touched for close to a week until last night. 

The rocks the way they've been for about a week...

The rocks this morning...

Then this afternoon when I got home I did my usual inspection of the yard and around the house. In the back corner of our yard under one of our trees is a 13" long and 6" wide footprint! It is aimed away from the house toward the woods. It appears it was made not too long before I got home from the way the clover is matted down. With the rain we've had today it would have sprung back up by now if it was made last night. 

Length is 13 inches...same length as the one I found only a few feet away from this spot last Christmas. 

Width is 6" at the ball of the foot.
My own ofoot measures 4" across and I wear a size 13 medium. 

The clover is freshly matted down.
The heel...

The toes...

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  1. Very interesting. Without the footprint another critter could have possibly moved that rock, although unlikely because it was twisted. But the footprint ! I know they can sense a close by trail cam, but could a 'plotwatcher' be set up a good distance away and possibly get a picture ? Great Work !