Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Missing Bear

I've been very excited to post this update for over a week, but due to being out of town I am just now able to do so.
The weekend before last I returned to my research area and also camped overnight at the nearby campground. The stuffed bear I had left as a gift was gone and the flowered necklace I had hung in the tree was relocated and laying across the gifting tree. It was laying across the tree right where I leave the food gifts. I thoroughly searched the area for the stuffed bear with no results. It was completely gone! 

The bear as I left it two weeks ago...

The flowered necklace as I left it two weeks ago...

I also found a couple of logs on the ground nearby with several small limbs laid parallel to each other and seemed very out of place. 


  1. Patiently awaiting your You tube posting. Could erosion have tipped the rock? I would think that if you were bending down to get a drink, by holding the rock, you would not get your arm wet. Maybe Squatch was drinking and was startled and tipped rock while moving away from it. Did you find your basket yet?

    1. Videos posted finally! About the erosion...really doubtful. That rock has been upright for the entire half year I've been visiting this spot. It looked almost like a tombstone sitting in the middle of the creek. What gets me is how the one time I finally take notice and film it, the very next visit it's laying on it's side. No, the basket has yet to turn up.

  2. Well apparently the big guys were listening to you when you were talking about the stone in the middle of the creek. I do not think you are alone out there. Definitely, the stone did not just "happened" to fall over after 6 months with no storm event or big rushing of water the last couple of days. Interesting, to say the least!!