Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bigfoot Home Visitations - Eyeglow Update

Well, last night (12/6/13) was interesting to say the least. For the past couple weeks things have been pretty quiet. The only exception has been the nightly glowing eye down in the woods. Last night we had some friends over and as usual things eventually led into a Bigfoot conversation. We had just finished watching the eyeglow video and decided to go out on the porch and see if it was actually there. Just like clockwork there it was. Almost like it was waiting on us to come outside. 
While watching it we were discussing all options of anything else it could be when all of a sudden it dropped down about 5 feet in an extremely quick and smooth fashion. It appeared that it had been standing up and then dropped to the ground or at least a squatting position.  Not a sound was heard. At that point it started to slowly move side to side and get extremely bright when we would talk to it. 
After seeing that I went inside to get a granola bar to throw down to it while my friend stayed out on the porch. I was almost to the door heading back outside when my friend came inside and said he wasn't staying out there by himself after what he just heard! He said as soon as I went inside he heard loud heavy bipedal footsteps walking through the woods directly in front of the cabin. 
If this was the case that would mean there were more than one out there as that area is approximately 30-40 yards to the right of where the eye was. 
We went back outside and this time my friends wife came with us. I asked her to speak to it to see what would happen as there have been interesting results in my past research when a female would be around or speaking. When she started talking to it the eye would glow extremely bright and move back and forth. 
I then walked out into the backyard to toss the granola bar down the hill toward the glowing eye. My friends stayed on the porch and said when I went out into the yard they could see it turn toward my direction glowing brightly. 
Once back on the porch we heard one of the corn feeders I have set up down in the woods start to rattle like something was trying to get corn. The feeders were empty so maybe they were asking for more corn??
I did not have the camera running of course as it was a spur of the moment thing that we went outside. It most definitely will be running tonight and I also have an audio recorder running all night strapped to a tree about 15 feet away from where we are seeing the eyeglow.


  1. Greg, this is very exciting. But I would urge caution to make sure it doesn't get too exciting
    and your home is turned into a hand-out station. The unknown factor still remains and leaving your wife alone there may prove an unwise move. The old saying about not taking
    your work home with you does have some merit.

    1. I agree with this! Greg is very protective and never lets his guard down though, and neither does his wife. I did once there and got the heck scared out of me. I will be expecting it next time. The visitors seem very cautious and shy, but do make their presence known when they want to. I don't think they would ever harm anyone as they could have already at any time we were outside alone. Just thinking that anyway. With this frigid weather, they may decide now is the time to move on, who knows?