Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Knock Knock...Who's There?? - Wood Knock Reply Captured On Audio

Wood Knocking - Thought to be a method of communication used by Sasquatch/Bigfoot to locate or warn each other across a given distance using a sound that resembles a wood upon wood knocking sound therefor the given name "Wood Knocking"

So it seems the strange events continue around our home near the Smoky Mountain National Park...
As I have noted in previous blog post, we live in a very rural and secluded area right at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Over the past month or two we have been having quite a few strange happenings around our home. Twice lately we have had loud banging on the side of our home around 1 in the morning. Last week close to midnight while watching TV we heard three VERY loud wood knocks in the woods just down the hill in front of the house. Several instances of eye-glow, heavy footsteps walking just inside the treeline by our home and a constant feeling of being watched.
On November 11th, 2013 I was out on my front porch late in the evening and was attempting to stir up some action and gain a response to wood knocking. Although it has taken several missed opportunities and lessons un-learned, I have finally trained myself to always take the digital recorder with me when outside our home at night... this time it payed off.
On this particular night I made three very loud knocks with two small pieces of 2x4 lumber and just waited. About 25 seconds later a response of three knocks almost identical to mine was heard (and recorded) from the woods across the valley from my home.
A similar thing had happened a few nights earlier only much closer and I didn't have the recorder going (one of those lessons un-learned). I had done the same "three knock" pattern and about 20 seconds later a very fast and loud "two knock" pattern answered back from the woods across my driveway.




  1. Awesome recording of the wood knocks! So very clear in fact! No mistaking, they are there on your property! Very good job of recording, and yes...always taking your recorder with you! Great job!

  2. Greg, here is a theory brought up by a post ( comment ) on Scott's site. Which made me
    stop and think. Could what we are calling tree knocking be something else? Are these knocks always the sound of a stick striking a tree or could they be a sound what we used
    to call " tongue popping "? Pressing the tongue against the roof of the mouth and pulling
    the tongue down fast with the mouth open to make a popping sound. Does bigfoot always
    carry the right kind of stick to hit the right kind of tree? I have never heard a tree knock so
    I can't comment first hand. Interesting idea none the less.

  3. That's funny, I've wondered the exact same thing about them carrying a stick around with them. When the reply knock on this recording happened it was about 25 seconds after mine. The first thing i thought was could that have been some person answering back? Although I have no proof it just seems plain odd that one of my neighbors was up waiting with a couple 2x4s to answer back to a wood knock within 25 seconds. To me it sounded quite loud and way off in the distance by the echo it produced in the hills around our home. My guess would have been a quarter to a half mile away and sounded like it was mimicking my knock pattern. The tongue popping sounds like something that would be used to communicate across short distances. I have several recordings from around our home where you can hear soft knocks/pops that seem to be answering each other. Is this tongue popping being used to silently signal each other when sneaking around our woods/yard? Very well could be.

    1. One thing I find curious is the tree or wood knock being repeated with the same
      tone. Ever try hitting a tree with a stick picked up in the woods or even a freshly
      snapped off limb? It does not have the same tone as two pieces of cured hardwood against each other or even a wooden Louisville Slugger hitting an oak
      tree. I think if the recordings were analized by someone with some music experience we might see a difference between wood tone and tongue popping.