Friday, December 27, 2013

The Rock Games Begin!

Seems the Bigfoot may finally be taking interest in a rock stack I made a few weeks ago. I started placing rocks in different patterns on top of a stump at the edge of the hill beside our home. This location is right up the hill from where we've been seeing our nightly visitors. About once a week I'll make changes to the layout of the rocks. The last time I changed them was 12/22/13. 

On Christmas Day (12/25/13) I went out to look at them and found something very interesting about the two large rocks on the left side. The top rock had been completely flipped over and placed back down! 

When I saw this I did not touch or change anything about the stack, but left it alone to see if anything else would happen. Today (12/27/13) I noticed the small arrowhead shaped rock on top of the small stack of three had been turned just slightly. 

After taking pictures, I rearranged the rocks again. Now we'll just wait and see if the games continue!

Some folks may say anything could have caused the small rock to be turned so slightly, and they may be right. However I firmly believe when dealing with establishing some sort of relationship/habituation you have to pay attention to and question the smallest details. The slightest adjustment to a rock could be communication of some sort...who knows? These guys are smart, possibly much smarter than we could ever imagine. 


  1. Greg, I'm glad your visitor is still in the area. I'm still of a mind that there is a way to test
    these folks as to their intelligence. Like maybe a small blackboard with symbols on it to
    see if they draw something on it. Good luck. Thanks.

  2. Not a bad idea. Might try that and not only use words but pictures. See if they respond with a picture of their own!

  3. Happy and Safe New Year to all.

  4. I like that idea too. We know they are highly intelligent, so it's time to play! Can't wait to get back up there!

  5. It's supposed to get really cold tonight. Make sure you bring your bigfoot inside tonight.

  6. Ha. I bet the friends on your property won't be around tonight! Hope they find a place to stay warm, but not in the house!! Noooo!

  7. Yeah, that could bring on a whole new meaning to " Housebreaking ".