Friday, November 1, 2013

Possible Activity At Home - October '13

We've had something interesting going on around the house here lately and in particular the last two nights. We have a small fall display down the hill beside our driveway just out of sight of our house. It consist of a hay bale, one large and two small pumpkins, two small scarecrows and an old watering can with flowers in it. Two nights ago we noticed one of the smaller pumpkins was missing. I searched high and low and it was nowhere to be found.

The missing pumpkin was on the left side in front of the little scarecrow.

Last night I decided to place half a chocolate poptart I the exact same spot that the missing pumpkin had been. 
This morning I was on my way down the driveway heading to work and noticed the second small pumpkin was about 20 feet down the driveway. I stopped the truck and got out to find that the poptart was gone along with one of the small scarecrows we have staked down in the hay bale (the one on the right). After spending several minutes looking for the missing scarecrow, my only conclusion was that something possibly took it last night. 

This is only one of several odd happenings around our home in the past couple weeks. We have a close friend of ours that lives in a small portable building across the driveway from our house. On two different nights he has had something large hit the side of his building around 1-2am. He would immediately go outside only to find all is quiet and nothing around. If this is indeed bigfoot related, I'm not feeling that it is the same group that came around last fall. These guys seem more sneaky and not as bold about letting themselves be known. That is up untill the last couple weeks. We have company coming in this weekend. That usually stirs things up some so we'll just wait and see what happens. I may step up my gift offerings by leaving items in a broader area around the property. Up until now most of my gift leaving has been centered around the back yard. Nothing like bigfootin' in the fall!

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  1. Nothing like Bigfootin' in the fall is right! They seem to be out everynight lately, especially at your house. I was the company that came, and I KNOW! I can't wait for you to add to your blog all the things that happened to us last week on your property, just sitting on the porch each night. I hope they don't leave now because it's turned cold, but oh well, can't blame them. Last week was the most excitement I've ever had Bigfootin'. Somewhere in between being scared to death and in awe...I think the awe won out. Fear seemed to leave me when they started responding to us. Just amazing, Greg! Keep up the great work you are doing!