Monday, September 16, 2013


Eyeglow... A phenomenon often known to occur during bigfoot sightings or encounters. It is act of the eyes emitting a light or glow. There have been various reported  brightness levels ranging from a soft glow to as bright as a flashlight. Some in the field of cryptozoology refer to this as eye "shine", but I have a hard time using this word to describe the experiences I have had. Several other individuals have shared these experiences with me and I feel sure they would say the same. 

In my opinion, Eye "shine" is the reflection of light on the eyes caused by an outside light source. Example: camera flash, headlights or street lights. 
Eye "glow" is different. Many reports speak about the eyes actually emitting light in locations where there is complete darkness or at least where there is no surrounding light source to provide for reflection. 
The experiences that I have on an ongoing basis in the national park and around my home are of this type. 

Honestly, to me it is a complete mystery how or why they do it, but in the locations I visit there are no artificial light sources such as street lights. Some argue that starlight is even enough to cause eye "shine". In this case, I must disagree...this is a glow that I see, not a reflection. 

Several colors are often reported. Orange, green and white are a few that I have personally seen. Most often the green (similar to a green glow stick) or white is what we have in our area. The soft glowing green usually occurs when they are hidden and watching us either from trees, brush or from deep within the darkness of the woods. On moon lit nights this will be the most common color we see.

The white seems to occur most often when they are on the move. Often we'll see white flashes at one end of the area and later see a return flash from the other side as if in communication. Up in trees we have seen what looks like a small flashlight slowly fade on and appear to be looking around. As soon as they realize we see them it instantly will go out. 
During the winter when there is less foliage on the trees visibility deeper into the forest is greater. Many times they will appear way back in the woods at full brightness, perfectly still and white in color. The last time this happened we looked at them through binoculars. What appeared as a single bright white light to the naked eye was actually two brightly lit eyes when looked at through the binoculars. 

What does all this mean? That's a good question for which  I've heard many opinions, but the truth has yet to be heard. In my opinion, I believe it serves a multitude of purposes. A silent means of communication, some sort of night vision, different colors for different moods... Who knows. 

This is a subject that has always intrigued me. It also is a phenomenon that has occurred in many of my most intimate and extreme interactions with this people.

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  1. I watched a youtube video from another Bigfoot researcher who mentioned seeing the "eye glow" being used for communication, said he watched two Bigfoot walking up a stream (one on each side of it) and he would see one eye glow towards the other then the second one would do it back almost like a morse code - I don't remember the exact video so I can't give a link but his youtube channel is Timbergiantbigfoot, keep up the good work I enjoy reading all your blog posts