Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The "Expedition" Part 1

Part 1 of 2

I have a really good friend who at the time used to live in Texas. He now lives here in East Tennessee and occasionally goes with me on research outings. We've both always shared the same interest in Bigfoot so naturally he was one of the first that I talked to about the "whoop" experience on my Labor Day camping trip. Instantly, plans were made to have a multi-day camping trip/Bigfoot expedition ASAP.
We planned the trip for early spring, March 2011. About a month before the trip I decided to head out and scout the area as it had been some time since my first camping trip experience there. I took my digital recorder and a backpack walking a few of the trails and doing my best imitation of the "whoop" I had heard a few months earlier. Using a couple rocks I had picked up along the way, I made a few attempts at "rock clacking". Not very long after, I heard what sounded like a whoop not too far away.
I kept hiking and listening then decided to get off trail. I wanted to find a place to just sit and listen. While sitting there I made a few whoop calls, but received no response. After about an hour of sitting and listening, I decided to head on back as it was getting late. Just as I stepped out of the woods back onto the trail I started getting a very strong feeling that I was not alone and being watched. This was the first time I had ever felt anything like this. I know now to always pay attention to that feeling! It usually means they're close by and more than likely watching.
Not used to this feeling I picked up the pace headed back to my vehicle. About 15 seconds after I got back on the trail I heard something smack against a tree behind me. As I quickly spun around, I caught sight of a rock as it landed on the ground after hitting a tree right beside the trail about 10 feet behind me! This was a very secluded trail and I had not seen a single person all day so I was just a little caught off guard. Needless to say I didn't waste any time getting back to my vehicle.
It would be exactly one month later on our "expedition" before I would be out there again.
This would be the trip that sealed the deal for me as a believer and created a new desire to learn as much as possible about what I know now to be a highly inteligent people that need nothing from us. If we are to learn about and have any sort of relationship with them it will completely be due to their choosing. The more I learn it seems the less I know.

Part 2 of 2 soon to come...

Trail where the rock was thrown.

Click on this link to hear the "whoop" I recorded on this hike.

Click on this link to hear my experience with the rock hitting the tree on this hike.
I have just stepped out of the woods and back onto the gravel trail. As I start to head back to my vehicle you'll hear me say I have a weird feeling and need to get out of there.
At 19 seconds you'll hear the rock smack the tree. I go back to where the tree is and stop to look around before quickly heading back to my vehicle.

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  1. I can hear the rock hit, and your reaction is right on! Such clear recording. Keep up the great research. Can't wait to see what's next!