Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The "Expedition" Part 2

Exactly one month after my experiences on the hiking trail my buddy and I arrived for a three night stay. Camp was set up and we were ready to explore the area. We made our way down several nearby trails making plans for the next three nights. Prior to the camping trip I had looked online at a few Bigfoot researching sites and found a design for a basic call blaster. I researched a little bit further and was able to find and download a few supposed recordings of Bigfoot whoops, howls and primate screams. At the time I thought it was the best route to take in trying to lure one in. Fact of the matter was that I had no clue what these recordings were actually saying and probably were more offensive toward the local Bigfoot than anything else. If anything they possibly felt like a "stranger" was in the area and things could have turned ugly…who knows. I look back now and realize how disrespectful I was being. Needless to say, I no longer use call blasters nor do I make screams or howls myself. 

This link was my friend with the call blaster that weekend about a quarter of a mile away from me. He was down close to the creek area in the woods. I was at our campsite with my recorder going.

Campsite that weekend 

An abundance of water sources in this area.


That weekend was supposed to be the brightest full moon in over 20 years. Well, let me tell you it was definitely that… no need for flashlights at all. We were able to see quite well along the trails and surrounding areas at night. We tried several different calls on the call blaster the first night with no response at all.
The second day we hiked along the trail where I had the rock thrown at me only further back. Several times we even call blasted (during the day) along the trail with no response.
That night we tried a few call blast and wood knocks, but still no response. So far this trip had been completely Bigfoot free or so we thought.

The "20 Year" full moon coming over the mountains.

On our last day (day 3) we decided to just relax and build a fire. We wanted to enjoy what time we had left and just hang out. Around 11pm we were sitting by the fire talking when all of a sudden my friend said "Did you hear that?" I said "No, what is it?" He then said "I just heard what sounded like 3 wood knocks down by the creek. It sounded like someone chopping wood." I told him that I probably didn’t hear it because I was talking at the time when it happened. We both sat there completely quiet and listened for a few minutes when we heard another set of wood knocks coming from the opposite side of the campground. It sounded like it was answering the first set that my friend had heard. This time we both heard it! It was a little shocking, as we had heard absolutely nothing the entire trip until then.

We had already scanned the entire campground earlier and there were very few campers present as it was a Monday night, very late and most of the weekend campers had already left the day before.
We stayed put at the campsite listening and speaking very little. It was now about 12am and we were standing around the campfire. Right about then we heard 3-4 consecutive screams/howls from the direction of the first set of wood knocks down by the creek. We were at full attention by that time and decided to start walking up the road that headed in that general direction. We had walked about 50 yards when we saw up ahead what looked like a flashlight in the woods close to where the screams had came from. We slowly made our way toward the woods where we saw the light. Once we were about 20 yards away we could see that the light was actually the reflection of the full moon on a small sign by the road.

We stood there for a few minutes listening. All was extremely quiet. Suddenly we started seeing a very small reddish orange light moving around in the woods right across the road from where we were standing. It wasn't very far from the small sign that had been reflecting moonlight earlier. It was about 15 feet inside the treeline and was moving around. Side to side, up and down...
It first appeared like it was the glowing end of a cigarette that someone was lifting up to their mouth and back down (if that makes sense). After a minute or two it dawned on me that when a person inhales on a cigarette the end glows bright, but when they put it down the glow at the tip dies down. This wasn't the case. It was staying a constant bright orange/red color. Then it happened... it blinked. This was no cigarette. It was one single glowing eye. We could actually see the upper and lower eyelids slowly close together and then open back up. The eye was absolutely not lit up due to an outside lighting source, but emitting its own amber colored glow. There is most definitely a difference and anyone who has seen this phenomenon knows exactly what I mean. We froze and didn't quite know what to do. There was a moment when you could just tell that all parties involved knew we could see one another... very odd moment, almost like a stare down.

At this point my friend and I were more than slightly disturbed and very concerned for our safety thus we began to slowly back off, eventually loosing sight of the eye. We quickly returned to our campsite to discuss what had just happened. After about another hour we heard another fairly loud "whoop" from down toward the creek area. After this there was no more activity that night.

The next morning we went to where we had seen the eyes the night before. We had noticed that night that the subject appeared to be average human height (possibly 6 foot or so) when compared to where the road was. What we didn't know at the time was that once you step off the road and into the woods where the subject was, the ground drops down about 2 feet. This would have made the subject around 8 feet tall!
This was one of the first of many amazing trips indeed.

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  1. Greg, I have questioned the practice of call
    blasting for some time. If you don't know what
    you are saying, should you be calling? My fear
    would be a challenge to a large male that is no
    mood for games.