Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Foosteps In The Forest

While most of us lie contently asleep in our beds, in the dark there remains an extremely active world within our forest and national parks each night. The chilling screams of a barred owl as it proclaims its territory to others. The lonesome coyotes howl as he reveals his location to other members of the pack.  The haunting sound of a creaking tree as it sways in the mountain wind. These sounds and so many more like them go unheard by most human ears each night. 

Then there's the occasional curious bipedal (two legs) individual that walks right up to my recorder for a late night inspection. As much as I truly love the sounds of nature at night, instances like this are what I'm after. A virtual needle within hours and hours of an audio "haystack".  

This approach was obtained by my recorder earlier this year. At the time, it was in a different location than where it is  now...about a half mile away. I had great success at this location recording what I believe to be sasquatch yells, wood knocks and walking. 

Although it is very hard to say exactly what this is walking up without actually seeing it, I lean strongly toward it possibly being a sasquatch for several reasons. 

  1. Location...extremely remote/off trail  area of the national park. Strongly supports it not being human. 
  2. Time of day... this happened around 2am. Again, strongly supports not being human. 
  3. The heaviness of the steps. You can actually hear limbs/twigs snapping underfoot. 
  4. Sounds like two legs walking. 
  5. This is a very typical behavior of a sasquatch given their curiosity of something "different" in their territory. 

Take a listen...

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