Friday, October 16, 2015

Home Run Wood Knock!

This was a classic "Home Run" wood knock recorded in the Cherokee National Forest here in Tennessee. The term "home run" is a slang-term used within the Bigfoot research community to describe any wood knock that sounds like a Major League Baseball player knocking one out of the park! It is not common to hear one and it is not known for sure why the Bigfoot do this except maybe to get your attention.
I'm still not quite sure what else in the middle of nowhere without anyone around for miles at 2:30 am can make this sound. This was recorded on the last night of a multi-day, late summer expedition. The knock came from approximately 75 yards away from where we were sitting around a campfire. This had been an extremely "active" trip. Rule number one is to always have the recorder going!


  1. I am doing research for a documentary on SE bigfoot. would love to talk to you.

    1. Sure, just email me at

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  3. Sounds incredible. They obviously meant to get your attention. What a thrill to hear this in person!!