Friday, August 28, 2015

Stick Structures

Back during the summer of 2013 I was making visits to one of my established gifting areas on a regular bases. The activity was quite consistent and intriguing to say the least. Stuffed animals were being taken, complete gift baskets with fruit/snacks were being taken (basket and all) and I was actually finding gifts left for me in return. Mushrooms picked and left on the fallen tree where I left food items along with sticks balanced perfectly across that same tree were truly fascinating. Rocks were being rearranged, peanut butter jar lids were being unscrewed and one was actually left on a log like someone had been sitting there eating lunch!

Around that same time I found a star shaped structure created from broken limbs approximately 30 yards up the creek from my gifting location. I always felt there was something special about that area and never did I disturb the star structure in any way. It always felt "sacred" if that makes any sense.

I did however create my own "teepee" style structure about 20 feet away from the fallen gifting tree.

For the next few weeks I monitored the my structure, but never noticed any changes or anything that may have seemed like a response. It wasn't long after that I was unable to get back out to this area for quite a while due to several personal happenings in my life. 
I did get out to this area occasionally over the next year and a half, but mostly night time visits where I would not go into the woods.

On March 29th of 2015 I made a trip back to this gifting area. It had been almost a year and a half since I had been here. What I found that day has baffled me for months now.
About 10 feet away next to the fallen gifting tree was a new star structure against a tree. It was the same tree that I had hung a flower necklace in back when I was visiting this area.

Also, the small teepee structure I had made was still there and in perfect practically untouched condition. Not the first leaf or tree debris was on top of the structure. It looked like I had made it yesterday.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't see how a year and a half worth of leaves falling, storms, and heavy snows had not disturb the structure one time. It was almost like someone had been taking care of it the whole time. Take it for what you want, but it still blows my mind today.

Before and after...

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  1. The structures are awesome and certainly thought provoking. I'm thinking they know you built that other one and are protecting it too. So interesting they gave you gifts too. I can't wait to get back up there. Great job, Greg!!