Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Screams In The Night

In the spring of 2016 at my previous recording location, there was a period of approximately two months that the bigfoot were noticably more vocal than usual. Yells, screams, wood knocks, whoops, footsteps...
During that time, I obtained several quality recordings. Some of which were not very far from the recorder. There were two nights in particular that stood out the most... producing extremely loud and forceful yells that sent chills down my spine. I could only imagine what it would have felt like to be standing there in total darkness and hearing these sounds.

These first two are a set of recordings from the same night around 3am. It seemed to be a single individual making it's way through the forest, yelling as it moved further away into the distance. Along with the yells, there seem to be several whoops mixed in. I am not really sure if it is the same individual producing both the yells and whoops or if there were more than one passing through the area at the same time.

Click on links to take a listen...

First Yell

Second Yell

The third recording is from an entirely different night around 10:30pm. Earlier that evening heavy storms had passed through the area leaving much moisture still dripping from the trees and frogs croaking in the background. In this recording you will hear a single yell/scream and after a short pause, a response yell/scream from further away answering back. Mixed in are possible whoops and wood knocks also.

Scream and Reply

I would like to reinforce the fact of how remote and deep in the mountains this area is. Several conditions strongly indicate in my opinion that these vocals are not man made.

1. Time of night.

2. Location... a remote uninhabited area deep within the smoky mountains.

3. Extreme weather conditions earlier that evening. Very unlikely people would be out.

4. Vocal range of these calls is extremely hard for humans to create.

5. Why would people be in the middle of a deep remote forest at this time of night in bad weather conditions making these calls?

I suppose anything is possible, but take a listen and I'll let you decide for yourself!


  1. Awesome vocals! Thanks for sharing your research with us. Looking forward to more posts!!

  2. I heard something very similar in the fall of 2012 when camping in the smokies. Heard it first then got up and about 3 minutes later heard it again. Really cool and slightly nerve racking.

  3. GREAT captures! Thanks for sharing these!

  4. Very professional recordings. Makes me feel like I was right there!